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Name that airport!

The rock
In 2019 this airport celebrated its 60th anniversary since opening on its present site. The airport has evolved significantly since first opening with its original terminal – a converted aircraft hangar – affectionately named the ‘tin shed’. It’s now well known for its award-winning ‘Rock’ terminal. Think you know the airport we’re referring to? Read on for more clues… 


Welcoming more than 6 million passengers each year, the airport is located in close proximity to the city after which it is named. It’s just 5.5km away! 


Inspired by the environment surrounding it, the airport’s international terminal known as the ‘Rock’ features an edgy, angular steel structure. The interior is a calming haven that exudes warmth and style.  


The airport is…. 


Wellington International Airport in New Zealand (WLG/ NZWN). 


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