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Name that airport

Release date:
September 2020
Marrakech-Menara International Airport in Morocco
This airport regularly appears on lists as one of the most striking terminals in the world. The gateway to an ancient city, it offers a distinctly modern passenger terminal that simultaneously reflects the local style with its geometric patterns and intricate cut outs. Think you know the airport we’re referring to?
Read on for more clues…

Reflecting traditional Islamic design, the arabesque patterns in the airport’s façade cast beautiful shadows across the entrances’ walkway. The steel roof juts out 24m over the front of the terminal building with photovoltaic panels built into it to help power the terminal.


In February this year, the airport inaugurated a new 32,300 sq. ft business and private aviation terminal.


The airport is… Marrakech-Menara International Airport in Morocco (RAK/ GMMX).


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