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New CO2 emissions tax in Germany

Release date:
December 2020
If you’re refuelling with Avgas in Germany, from 1 January 2021 there is a new CO2 emissions tax. Read on for a little more information on what this means for you.


As part of the German Climate Action Programme 2030, the German Government agreed, at the end of 2019, on a package of measures including the German Fuel Emissions Trading Act (BEHG). The aim of BEHG is to make a significant contribution to achieving national climate protection goals by introducing a national certificate trading for CO2 emissions. Essentially, this means that the pricing of CO2 emissions from the building and transport sector will be subject to an annually increasing fixed price from 2021 to 2025. From 2026, pricing within a price corridor is planned.


What does this mean for you?


According to the Mediation Committee, the federal and state governments agreed in December 2019 to set the CO2 price at €25 per certificate initially as of January 2021, rising to €55 per certificate in 2025. This will result in an increase in the price of fuels by BEHG. Initial calculations indicate that the impact for Avgas will be around €5.60 per hectolitre (2021) to around €12.30 per hectolitre (2025), excluding VAT and incidental costs.


The Federal Government is expected to continuously review the law with regard to effectiveness and, on this basis, make proposals for adjustments where necessary.


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