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Out and about May 2020

Release date:
May 2020
Name that airport!

Name that airport!

Equidistant from the neighbouring cities of Zaragoza and Barcelona and just a stone’s throw from the Spanish Pyrenees, this airport is a sight to behold. But do you know which airport we’re referring to? Read on for more clues… 


Opened in 2010 and operated by Aeroports de Catalunya this airport’s striking design is the work of architect Fermin Vazquez and his company B-720. The striped outer walls of the control tower, as well as the roof of the terminal have been deliberately designed to reflect the colours and textures of the local landscape. 


BAA Training has a base at the airport and recently installed a new flight simulator here, with an investment of €500,000, for pilot training and instruction. 


The airport was also featured in British singer Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Beautiful People’ which was released in 2019. 


The airport is…. Lleida-Alguaire Airport (ILD/LEDA). 

For more information on this location click here.