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Out and about

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October 2019

Celebrating Aviadoras’ second anniversary

Five women sitting on chairs on a stage with large logoed panel behind

Last month we were delighted to support and attend the celebrations for Aviadoras’ second anniversary. The Spanish initiative was set up in 2017 to increase visibility of women within the aviation sector and particularly pilots. Under the theme ‘Women breaking moulds – 100 years of air transport in Spain’, the celebrations took place at Cuatro Vientos Airport in Madrid. Highlights from the day included celebrating 100 years of civil aviation in Spain as well as the role of women in Spain’s aviation past, present and future. And, despite the rain, we were also treated to an exhilarating aerobatic show. 

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Supplying SAF for those travelling to NBAA-BACE

nbaa bace exhibition stand 2019

Ahead of this year’s National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA’s) Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition (BACE), which is taking place in Las Vegas from 22-24 October, we are offering Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for customers to uplift on a pre-order basis at Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Sustainability is high on our agenda at this year’s NBAA-BACE. Drop by our booth (C7219) to find out how we’re converting household waste to SAF and collaborating with Europe’s largest solar developer Lightsource BP.  

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