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Staying home in Singapore

Release date:
May 2020
With the majority of Air BP’s global team currently working from home, find out from Bobby Tham, Air BP’s general aviation regional manager, Far East, how he’s juggling being based at home with ensuring he gets the job done!

Amid the coronavirus pandemic organisations around the world and their employees have been thrust, at very short notice, into the realms of remote working. While for many this has been a steep learning curve, as a global organisation Air BP’s staff were already well versed in the use of video conferencing to keep in touch with colleagues from afar. But it doesn’t mean our staff haven’t had to adjust to other challenges.

“Singapore officially went into lockdown at the beginning of April,” says Bobby Tham, general aviation regional manager, Far East.


Schools, universities and non-essential businesses have all been closed, although restrictions are due to be lifted in June. 


“We are still supporting around 30 airports where we operate two JV's in China and three airports in Singapore by providing fuel. Although airports in China have started to open, we are still a long way off 2019 levels of traffic. And for the last month across China and Singapore it’s mostly been cargo and emergency flights,” Bobby continues. He is however regularly in contact with his customers and colleagues through video conferencing, “which is something we were doing prior to this crisis,” he says. “There is naturally an element of updating each other on our workloads and addressing any business concerns, but these calls are also an opportunity to check the wellbeing of my colleagues. People are still feeling anxious because of all the disruptions and uncertainty. It might just be small things like asking how they are coping or suggesting a good book I’ve enjoyed that they might like too to help lift their spirits. But it’s important to be mindful of people’s wellbeing especially if they are on their own.”


Bobby also underlines the importance of physical exercise. He reveals that he’s made a conscious effort to make sure he’s exercising regularly by keeping up with his HIIT – high intensity interval training – regime. Where his customers are concerned, Bobby explains their primary concern currently is when they will be able to fly again and how they can ensure the airworthiness of their aircraft. And with many aircraft currently grounded, for some customers in Hong Kong the imminent typhoon season poses an additional threat with aircraft parked close together and exposed to the elements.


“We are trying to address these concerns too and look at how we can help our customers.” he says. "We still provide dedicated account management and of course our 24/7 service has and will remain open as usual. We’re ready, when our customers are ready to fly again."


In terms of tips for working from home, Bobby says that keeping a schedule with a clear start and finish time, as well as ensuring he takes a lunch hour has been key for him.


“I have also found it helpful to prioritise my workload, so the most important tasks are carried out in the morning. Keeping a sense of routine has been really important for me.” 


And what is he looking forward to once this is over?


“I can’t wait to go to China and meet up with my team mates!” 


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