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The ‘fast five’ quiz

Release date:
February 2021
Do you know which is the world’s oldest airline or which two cities are connected by the Kangaroo route?


Following on from the success of our ‘Name that airport’ series last year we thought it would be fun to continue putting your aviation trivia to the test. But this time we’ve introduced a quick quiz.


  1. Prior to being named after the former US President, what was John F. Kennedy Airport known as?
  2. What is the world’s oldest airline?
  3. What aviation first did Amelia Earhart achieve in 1928?
  4. Which two cities are connected by the Kangaroo route?
  5. By how much can the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied by Air bp reduce carbon emissions?



See below for the answers

1 Idlewild, the airport was renamed JFK in 1963. Click here for more information on this location.
2 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It was founded in 1919.
3 In 1928 Amelia Earhart was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean.
4 The Kangaroo route between London in the UK and Sydney in Australia is one of the longest and oldest routes in the world. Click here for more information on these locations.
5 Our SAF has around 80% fewer lifecycle carbon emissions than traditional jet fuel. Click here to find out more.