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UL91 comes to Hannover

Release date:
October 2019
Two small private jets parked in front of small Man fuelling small piston engine plane over wing at Air BP site
Heading to Hannover – the third largest city in northern Germany? Then you’ll be pleased to learn that in addition to Jet A-1 and Avgas you can now refuel with UL91 at Hannover-Langenhagen (HAJ/ EDDV)


Suitable for around 55% of aircraft UL91 is already available at specific airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France. Hannover is the third airport in Germany where we are launching UL91, which has been specifically designed as a dedicated aviation fuel providing an alternative to Mogas. 


Why chose UL91 over Mogas?

  • It has an assured energy content with no alcohols or ethers which may reduce aircraft range.
  • It has a fixed volatility range and is designed to work year-round.
  • It doesn’t contain ethanol which can damage aircraft fuel system components, so is better for your aircraft. 


Why fly to Hannover?

With its wealth of museums, theatre, live music, performing arts and other cultural events, Hannover is one of Germany’s most underrated gems. Often overlooked for bigger more well-known cities such as Berlin, Munich or Cologne, it offers a feast for all the senses and the ideal destination for a mini break. 


A convenient base to fly in and out of, Hannover Airport is the only air transport hub in northern Germany operating 24 hours a day and is well located to access the city and surrounding region by train or road. For business and general aviation customers the airport has its own dedicated General Aviation Terminal offering a pilot lounge as well as a departure lounge for passengers.

Please note that to refuel with UL91 at Hannover Airport a specific Air BP UL91 Sterling Card is required and the fuel is supplied through a self-serve machine. Otherwise for more information on this location click here and as with all our locations you can see pricing and order fuel in advance on the RocketRoute MarketPlace app. If you want more information about UL91 please contact your account manager.