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UL91 now available at Lubeck

Release date:
December 2019
Luebeck Christmas market and bridge over river at night
Following the launch of UL91 at Hannover-Langenhagen in October we’re delighted to now be supplying UL91 at Lubeck (LBC/ EDHL) in Germany as well


Lubeck is the fourth German city where we have launched UL91, which has been specifically designed as a dedicated aviation fuel providing an alternative to Mogas. Suitable for around 55% of aircraft UL91 is also available at specific airports in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France.


Why chose UL91 over Mogas?


  • It has an assured energy content with no alcohols or ethers which may reduce aircraft range.
  • It has a fixed volatility range and is designed to work year-round.
  • It doesn’t contain ethanol which can damage aircraft fuel system components, so is better for your aircraft.


Why fly to Lubeck?


As well as providing a convenient gateway to Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, Lubeck is also a great option for those flying to or from Hamburg. The airport is located just over 50km from Germany’s second largest city and centre of international trade. Both Hamburg and Lubeck are home to magical Christmas markets in December with the smell of mulled wine and freshly roasted almonds drawing shoppers to stalls filled with traditional and hand-crafted gifts. What’s more, Lubeck’s medieval centre was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987. Its distinct and unique city skyline with the seven church towers are a site to behold particularly at this time of the year when the city comes alive with twinkling lights and festive cheer.

A Technical comparison chart between Avgas and Mogas
For more information on this location click here and as with all our locations you can see pricing and order fuel in advance on the RocketRoute MarketPlace app.