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View from the cockpit

Release date:
October 2020
Montage of Tracy Lau and two images of Hongkong Jet
Having recently joined Hongkong Jet to oversee flight dispatches, Tracy Lau reveals her outlook for business aviation in Asia and why she values working with Air bp


Having grown up with both parents working in the airport sector Tracy Lau, flight dispatch manager for Hongkong Jet, says she knew from an early age that she wanted to pursue a career in aviation.


Born and raised initially in Hong Kong Lau attended high school and university in Canada before returning to her country of birth, after graduating with a BA in Economics.


“Shortly after returning to Hong Kong I started my career working in the operations department of an airport agent company before joining Hong Kong Airlines as an operations officer. Then, in 2011 I decided to move into the private jet sector working with TAG Aviation and acquired my FAA Dispatcher License in 2016,” she explains.


Just over a year ago in September 2019 Lau joined Hongkong Jet, a private jet company providing a fully integrated set of services ranging from aircraft ownership and management to charter, maintenance, registry and consultancy services. “My role as manager of flight dispatch is to lead the daily operations of our fleet and communicate with clients. I am also responsible for ensuring all flights meet the necessary operational and safety regulations and I manage the process of acquiring new aircraft for our company fleet.”



Flexible business


While the COVID pandemic has had a significant impact on the global aviation sector, Lau underlines that the desire for air travel certainly hasn’t diminished. “Global travel restrictions have created a level of uncertainty, but where possible our clients are still keen to get flying again. We are certainly seeing an increase in domestic routes as local restrictions continue to ease. And given private aviation offers more flexibility than scheduled flights, it’s no surprise that private jet owners and those with the means to spend more on travelling for their busines and leisure requirements will choose to fly privately.”


With Asia’s business aviation market showing the green shoots of recovery, Hongkong Jet is on track to push ahead with its fleet expansion plans. It currently owns the biggest fleet (six) of BBJ aircraft in the Asia Pacific region, but is looking at investing in other aircraft types. And as well as offering 24/7 technical support for customers Hongkong Jet also now offers round-the-clock support in its Flight Operations Control Centre (FOCC) with someone always on duty in the office. Lau explains, “This has enabled us to offer 24/7 flight support for customers located outside of Asia. What’s more, as an independent service provider, Hongkong Jet’s MRO team plans to further develop its technical support services over the next three years.”



Sustainable growth


Lau explains that another area that Hongkong Jet is focusing on going forward is how to develop the business as sustainably as possible. “Climate change is a global topic and we recognise we have a responsibility to work alongside our industry peers in reducing carbon emissions wherever possible,” she says. “We are starting to see an increasing awareness and interest from our customers in the availability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). So, yes as SAF becomes more widely available and affordable it is certainly an alternative fuel we will increasingly look to use.”


Lau notes that working with Air bp has certainly benefitted Hongkong Jet when it comes to understanding SAF and working towards a net zero future. She adds that the support Hongkong Jet receives from the Air bp team is invaluable. “Air bp provides us with exceptional customer service and expertise that enables us to respond to our clients in a timely and efficient manner. That’s of huge value to us as a business,” Lau says. “In addition, Air bp’s products are cost efficient so both we as a company and our customers are able to benefit from a high quality product at the best value.”


As for when the world is able to travel freely again, Lau enthuses that Asia has plenty to offer Hongkong Jet’s customers. “Thrill seekers can take their pick of extreme sports such as skydiving and bungee jumping in destinations like Thailand, Macau and Nepal. Meanwhile those wanting to kick back and relax on a tropical beach are spoilt for choice. Try Marissa in Sri Lanka, Palawan in the Philippines or Mui Ne Beach in Vietnam. For cultural attractions there’s no shortage of ancient sites and historic ruins to explore across Asia and the local cuisine is a highlight of any visit to an Asian country. But whichever destination you choose to travel to Asia is full of surprises and a feast for all the senses.”


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