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View from the cockpit

Release date:
November 2020
Montage of Klaudia Lampartová
Currently studying to be a commercial airline pilot with Adventia at Salamanca Aerodrome in Spain, Klaudia Lampartová explains why she’s more focused than ever on pursuing a career in aviation

Born in Slovakia, Klaudia Lampartová’s family relocated to Spain when she was 11. Ever since that first flight to Spain, a career in aviation was always something that Klaudia wanted to pursue.


She explains that she started out training as a flight attendant. “However, it wasn´t long though before I realised I wanted a bigger challenge, so I decided to go back and study to become a pilot,” she says.


Klaudia is currently in her fourth year at the Adventia European College of Aeronautics – which is affiliated with the University of Salamanca – where she is studying for a degree in Commercial Airline Pilot Studies and Air Operations.


“I am currently completing my last flight missions in the Beechcraft Baron aircraft and preparing my final project about the differences between two of the world´s leading aircraft manufacturers – Boeing and Airbus,“ she says.


Although the COVID-19 pandemic meant that classroom learning was put on hold before the summer, Klaudia has been able to continue her studies with Adventia online. “As the oldest civilian pilot school in Spain, Adventia has the benefit of having trained pilots from all over the world for the last 40 years, so they have been able to call on the expertise of previous graduates and those working across the sector.”


Adventia is based at Salamanca Aerodrome where although operations have resumed, certain health and safety measures have been introduced to ensure the wellbeing of passengers, as well as crew and airport staff. “Face coverings are mandatory and only two people are permitted inside the training aircraft at the same time. Aircraft must also be disinfected after every flight.”


Klaudia believes that as the industry looks towards a post-pandemic landscape there will be a reinvigorated drive for sustainability.


“Sustainability should be an integral part of all aviation operations. I am very concerned about how my chosen profession impacts on the environment and climate change. However, it is encouraging to see how the industry is adapting and innovating to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. Some initiatives are still a long way off from being rolled out on a commercial scale, so in the meantime investing in renewable energy sources such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is key.”


Klaudia credits Adventia´s close collaboration with Air bp with helping her understand the challenges and opportunities around the production and supply of SAF, as well as safe refuelling operations. “With Adventia we have been trained not only to fly efficiently, but we have also been taught about the importance of aviation fuel quality. So, I recognise the value of working with Air bp as a safe, reliable fuel supplier.”


As for her message to other aspiring pilots keen to pursue a career in aviation, Klaudia is clear. “Even though we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic it doesn’t mean you should give up on your dreams. As the aviation industry continues to recover more opportunities will arise, so you need to be mentally prepared and have the flexibility to take advantage of those opportunities. I am convinced the airline industry will bounce back and people will wish to travel by air as they did previously. The current situation isn’t about closing the door on your aspirations, instead consider it a test of your resilience and perseverance!”


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