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Why not head to Norway?

Release date:
September 2020
Sandefjord, Norway
Boasting miles of coastline and a rich historical heritage Sandefjord is a modern yet charming destination in eastern Norway. It is served by Torp Airport (ERF/ ENTO), which is also a convenient choice for those who wish to access Oslo


Located 120 km south of the Norwegian capital, Sandefjord is a popular year-round holiday destination for Norwegians. The region’s 150km coastline is awash with idyllic sandy beaches, sheltered coves and lush stretches of forest. Vikings have also left their mark here as this is where the famous Gokstad ship was found as well as various artefacts and monuments left behind from the Viking era.


Less than 10km from the city centre, Sandefjord Torp Airport offers both jet A-1 and Avgas. There are a handful of fixed base operators (FBOs) and handling agents to cater for all your requirements from VIP and concierge services to slot coordination, flight planning and cabin cleaning. The Norwegian capital is also easily accessible by road or rail.


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