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BP backs a faster shift to a low carbon energy system

Release date:
21 May 2019
Ahead of BP’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Aberdeen, chairman Helge Lund writes an op-ed for the Financial Times in support of the Climate Action 100+ resolution and a rapid transition to a low carbon energy system

A fast-paced energy transition is not just good for the world, it is good for BP and its shareholders, Helge Lund states in an opinion piece in the Financial Times


Writing ahead of his first AGM as BP chairman, Lund says: “We are committed to playing our part in advancing this transition, however challenging.”


Commenting on a special vote at the meeting, Lund says: “We will urge shareholders to back the resolution proposed by Climate Action 100+, which calls for greater transparency from BP to show how our strategy is consistent with the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change.” 


Lund adds: “We recognize that the world is on an unsustainable path. We believe our strategy is consistent with Paris and we welcome steps, such as this resolution, that are supportive of a faster transition to a low carbon energy system.”

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