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BP introduces loyalty program that rewards drivers with ongoing cents-per-gallon fuel savings

Release date:
14 February 2013
‘BP Driver Rewards’ Offers Increased Consumer Loyalty for Branded Marketers


On April 3, BP is launching an exciting new loyalty program called BP Driver Rewards that offers consumers a smarter way to save money on quality fuel. The program, available at participating sites within BP’s East of Rockies footprint, rewards consumers with cents-per-gallon fuel savings just for filling up at BP.


BP is the first oil major to launch a “non-payment” loyalty program that rewards fuel purchases with fuel cents-per-gallon rewards. Instead of requiring consumers to purchase additional convenience store items, BP Driver Rewards gives fuel purchasers rewards for the quality fuel that they regularly purchase. The program is easy to join – by picking-up a brochure with an affixed card at a BP site, or by requesting a card online. For every 20 gallons of BP fuel purchased, and a minimum of two transactions, consumers will earn five cents off each gallon (valid up to 20 gallons) on their next purchase. Rewards accumulate automatically so most drivers can receive a five cents-per-gallon reward with every other fuel purchase.


Last year, BP tested BP Driver Rewards (called ‘BP Pump Rewards’ during the pilot) at 325 BP stations in the Charlotte and Milwaukee markets. Results from the pilot tests showed that on average, BP Driver Rewards cardholders visited BP sites more often and purchased more fuel.


“We want to reward our loyal consumers with ongoing fuel savings that make BP gasoline with Invigorate an even better value,” said Amy Abraham, Vice President of Marketing at BP. “Our 2012 test market data proved that consumers are thrilled about this new approach to rewards, and with our generous promotional incentives, we’re confident that our Branded Marketers will find it equally as valuable to their businesses.”


BP Driver Rewards uses Pump Rewards technology, which allows consumers to earn and redeem cents per gallon rewards directly at the pump. The program adds to existing Pump Rewards offers including credit card payment options like the BP Visa and BP Card and single-use cents-off-per-gallon cards and codes. BP Branded Marketers with Pump Rewards-enabled sites will be able to support BP Driver Rewards immediately upon launch. And, unlike other brands, BP requires no upfront or monthly program fees and is waiving transaction fees for the 90-day promotional launch period from April 3rd through July 2nd. After the promotional period, marketers are responsible for a 2.5 cents-per-gallon transaction fee each time a card is swiped, making it one of the lowest loyalty fees among majors for similar programs.


“BP Driver Rewards is the type of loyalty program that consumers want to participate in,” said Terry Evans, Operations Manager at Rushco Food Stores, Salisbury, N.C. “By investing a lot of time in training, our employees felt prepared and excited to tell consumers about the program and encourage registrations. The result was a win-win that helped grow our business.”


About BP


BP has invested more in the United States over the last five years than any other oil and gas company. With more than $55 billion in capital spending between 2008 and 2012, BP invests more in the US than in any other country. The company is the nation’s second largest producer of oil and gas, a major oil refiner and a leader in alternative energy sources. With 21,000 US employees, BP supports nearly a quarter of a million domestic jobs through its business activities. For more information, visit www.bp.com.

Notes to Editors

BP is supporting the program launch in several ways, including promotional offers and a multi-million dollar consumer marketing campaign that includes:

  • 10-cent instant reward (one time use, up to 20 gallons) just for signing up
  • Consumer engagement campaign aimed at increasing purchase frequency
  • Consumer engagement campaign aimed at increasing purchase frequency
  • On-site point of purchase
  • Training
  • Consumer and customer support telephone lines
  • Brochures for the new BP Driver Rewards loyalty cards will ship by March 27, but BP Branded Marketers who haven’t installed Pump Rewards technology, can still participate
  • For installation and system requirement details, interested BP Branded Marketers should visit bpconnection.com > Programs > Branding / Promotion at Site / better payment + rewards > Pump Rewards Installation and Deployment