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BP readies for transfer to Gulf Coast claims facility as claim payouts top $368 million

Release date:
17 August 2010

HOUSTON - BP’s claims team, which has paid $368 million to individuals and businesses, is in the final stages of preparing to transfer responsibility for individual and business claims related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) on August 23.


In order to clarify the next steps and to ensure an orderly and efficient transfer of files and data, BP announced the following:

BP will accept new claims into its system through Wednesday, August 18. From August 19 - 22, individuals and businesses will be asked to file a claim when the GCCF is operational on August 23.


BP’s Immediate Action Claims Team will continue to operate through Sunday, August 22, for existing claimants only. This team can be contacted at (800) 573-8249 and will work with those who have real emergencies with regard to an existing claim.


Government entity claims will continue to be handled by BP’s claims team. Effective August 23, the contact information for government entity claims is: by mail, Government Entity Claims and Funding Requests, 1905 W. Thomas Street; Suite D-358, Hammond, LA 70401; by phone, (877) 710-4064; and by fax, (800) 810-5650.


BP will continue to take phone calls regarding fraud at (877) 359-6281.

BP has made more than $102 million in claims payments during the first 16 days of August. Payments to claimants in past months were $134 million in July, $93 million in June, and $39 million in May, making this one of the largest claim payment programs conducted in a three and a half month period.


The GCCF will be announcing new contact and claims information this week. BP also will ensure that anyone contacting its existing claims phone lines or web sites is referred to the GCCF. Effective August 23, GCCF will be the only authorized organization managing business and individual claims related to the Deepwater Horizon Incident.

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