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bp statement on BP Zambia pension rights dispute

Release date:
29 June 2020

We understand the concerns that have been raised in relation to this matter. We take our responsibilities to our staff and pensioners seriously and are committed to treating everyone with fairness, respect and dignity.


We know that some former employees of BP Zambia who were made redundant in the 1990s continue to dispute the settlement of their pension rights at the time. In 2000, bp management became aware of the matter and appointed an independent actuarial consultant to review the matter. 


The independent consultant found that some claimants were due additional benefits under the pension fund rules.  bp accepted the findings and after approval from the Zambian pension regulator made payment into trust and started to pay claimants. Other complainants considered that they were due a greater amount and, in 2002, took the matter to the Zambian court.


bp sold its operations and its entire 75% interest in BP Zambia to Puma Energy in 2011. BP Zambia plc was renamed Puma Energy Zambia plc. Since the sale of our interests in BP Zambia nine years ago, resolution of any outstanding claims sits with the new owner, Puma Energy.


We understand that since then there have been further legal challenges in Zambia to which we were not a party.


We have previously (2018) advised representatives of the claimants that Puma Energy are now responsible for the former BP Zambia and provided them with appropriate contacts in Puma.