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BP Turbo Oil 2197 performs on maiden A350 flight

Release date:
14 June 2013

Air BP Lubricants has announced that its Turbo Oil 2197 (BPTO 2197) lubricated the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines on the successful first flight of the Airbus A350 XWB today (June 14, 2013).


The highly anticipated launch of Airbus’s new mid-size, long-range aircraft, powered by the world's most efficient, large aero engines, symbolises a new frontier in aviation technology.


The aircraft brings a step change in efficiency compared with existing aircraft in its size category, using 25 per cent less fuel and providing an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions.


BPTO 2197’s use on the flight marks another first for the high performance capability (HPC) oil, which is increasingly the oil-of-choice for next generation aircraft and engines.


BPTO 2197 was also used on the Airbus A380’s first flight, and was the first oil approved as a HPC oil under the SAE AS5780A specification.


Air BP Lubricants Global Sales Director Rodger Harris said when introducing a new aircraft, and with the first flight of the A350 XWB today, manufacturers looked for proven and reliable products to minimise the range of variables.


“As the most proven HPC oil in the world, with more than 250 million flying hours in-service, BPTO 2197 is a logical choice when reliability, cleanliness and performance are paramount,” Mr Harris said.


“BPTO 2197 is relied upon by many of the world’s airlines, consistently demonstrating unsurpassed high temperature cleanliness, outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, and superior hydrolytic stability.


“Not all oils with the same classification perform the same and there is no substitute for on-wing time to test quality and performance, which is why BPTO 2197 is widely regarded as the industry’s benchmark turbine oil.


 “It is the cleanest high-performance product commercially available that addresses oil-related carbon deposits, or coking, which can restrict or block oil flow and lead to decreased reliability,” he said. 


Rolls-Royce Chief Engineer for the Trent XWB, Mark Wainwright, said the company was delivering a step-change in performance with the new engine.


“The engine’s really demonstrated excellent performance and operability over the last three years of testing,” he said.


“I’m really looking forward to seeing the Trent XWB fly now on the Airbus A350 and produce the same excellent results during the flight test programme and a flawless entry into service.”


Mr Harris said BPTO 2197 complemented Airbus’s move to improve efficiency.


“With increasingly hot, high performance engines being introduced, maintaining a focus on reducing coking propensity is even more critical today for both engine performance and maintenance,” he said.


“BPTO 2197 was developed to meet the demand of the new generation of engines. Air BP Lubricants is proud to have worked with Airbus and Rolls-Royce as they launch the next major development in aviation technology.”


The Rolls-Royce Trent XWB is the most efficient large civil aero engine and the sixth member of the most successful widebody engine family in history.


BPTO 2197 was the first oil approved as a HPC oil to the SAE AS5780 specification and is relied upon by some of the world’s leading airlines for their most demanding applications. BPTO 2197 is approved by many of the industry's leading OEMs and is the leading choice of HPC oil for the world's newest fleets.


About Air BP Lubricants


 Air BP Lubricants specialises in developing aviation lubricant solutions for the commercial aviation industry. The business supports aviation turbine oil technology through new product development as well as providing customer and manufacturing support. As the industry’s leading turbine oil provider, Air BP Lubricants supplies the cleanest, most technologically advanced lubricants to major airlines, private operators, helicopter and military customers. Air BP Lubricants has a strong presence globally via direct sales as well as being represented locally through key distributors.

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