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In Amenas situation update

Release date:
18 January 2013
Issued by: London press office - 10.45 GMT


 The serious situation at the In Amenas site in Eastern Algeria remains ongoing. The situation remains unclear and BP continues to seek updates from the authorities. 


BP’s priority is the safety and security of our people. On early Wednesday morning we mobilised our full emergency response system, with teams on the ground in Algeria and in the UK working with the situation and liaising with other parties involved. We are in close contact with the UK government and colleagues in Statoil, in Sonatrach and in the companies that are contractors to the joint venture. 


There is a small number of BP employees at In Amenas whose current location and situation remain uncertain. BP is working with the Algerian government and authorities to confirm their status. We do not intend to publicly comment on details of the number, nationalities or identities of these staff. 


BP is in direct contact with the families of all of those staff affected, offering support and providing confirmed information as we can. “Supporting our colleagues and their families at a time of such extreme concern is essential, and we are seeking to support them in every way we can,” said Bob Dudley, BP Group Chief Executive. 


Overnight BP began the staged process of bringing non-essential workers out of Algeria as a precautionary and temporary measure. 


Three flights left Algeria yesterday, carrying a total of eleven BP employees alongside several hundred staff from other companies. The first flight arrived in London yesterday afternoon. The second two flights landed in Palma in Majorca overnight and staff on these planes are expected to transfer on to final destinations during the course of the day. A fourth plane is expected to transport further staff out of the country today and we will arrange further flights as necessary.

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BP press office, London, bppress@bp.com