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Statement on incident at In Amenas, Algeria

Release date:
15 January 2013
Issued by: London press office - 15.00 GMT


We can confirm that there is an ongoing security incident at the In Amenas gas field in the eastern central region of Algeria. The In Amenas field is operated by a joint venture of Sonatrach (the Algerian national oil company), BP and Statoil.

The site was attacked and occupied by a group of unidentified armed people at about 0500 UK time. Contact with the site is extremely difficult, but we understand that armed individuals are still occupying the In Amenas operations site.

Our absolute priority is the safety and security of our staff.The site is normally manned by staff and contractors from the joint venture. We do not yet have confirmed information on the status of personnel at the site but believe some are being held by the occupiers.

We are attempting to get confirmed information at the moment as to whether there have been any injuries to personnel at the site.

We do not have confirmed information on the identity or intention of the people occupying the site.

Algerian authorities are engaged with the incident. UK authorities, Norwegian and other governments have also been advised and are engaged. Algerian local authorities are working with the joint venture and with BP and Statoil.

BP has activated its emergency response system and is contacting relatives of its people on the site.


Background on In Amenas

In Amenas is a wet-gas field, operated in partnership between Algerian state oil company, Sonatrach, with BP and Statoil. The field is approx. 1300km from Algiers and about 60km west of the Libyan border.

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