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bp has a long relationship with Kuwait
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What we do

bp was one of the founders of the original Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), which first discovered oil at Burgan in 1938. Years later, bp was the first oil company to be invited by the Kuwaiti Government to assist in the redevelopment of Kuwait's oil industry in 1992.

Today, bp is proud to be supporting Kuwait within two agreements; an Enhanced Technical Services Agreement (ETSA) with Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) signed in 2016 and a Technical Services Agreement (TSA) with Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) signed in 2018. The ten-year ETSA with KOC enables bp to bring its expertise in enhanced oil recovery to the Burgan oilfield in South and East Kuwait through 50 secondment opportunities of bp’s technical experts. Under the TSA, bp provides advice and technical experts to help enhance operational excellence, reliability management, commissioning and start-up readiness at Al- Zour refinery.  


Our people and partners

bp in Kuwait is committed to developing local capabilities and Kuwaiti talent by improving their technical and management skills. Examples include sponsorship of training programmes, courses in country, coaching programmes and visits offered to our partners’ employees to bp facilities worldwide. bp has a representative office in Kuwait and is actively engaged with the government. 


Social investment

Kuwaiti youth participate in bp’s regional social investment programme, bp Young Adventurers, a leadership and development initiative for young adults. Every year young people are brought together from around the Middle East to build management and problem-solving skills through team-building and outdoor activities. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, bp Kuwait supported a local NGO partner to deliver necessary food parcels to impacted families who have either had salary cuts, or have not been paid by employers. Food parcels were enough to sustain each family for a period of two to three months.


Following the launch of bp’s new strategy and transition to an Integrated Energy Company, bp Kuwait is assessing the potential for social investment opportunities in Kuwait and low carbon plan in line with bp’s new sustainability aims for net zero, people and planet.


Lubricants and marketing

bp lubricants – represented through the bp and Castrol and brands – are long-established in Kuwait. bp lubricants are distributed by Al Ghanim (YAAS), Castrol by Al Fatooh. bp and Castrol lubricants have market leadership position in Kuwait.


Trading and shipping

bp has a longstanding relationship with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation including trade in oil and petroleum products and LNG.

Please use the contact details below to call or write to us at bp in Kuwait. We aim to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.


bp Kuwait

13th floor, Sahab Tower

Salhiya, Kuwait City


Phone: +965 2240 3316

Fax: +965 2240 3317