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bp charges forward on EV journey with AGL

Release date:
15 June 2023
bp and AGL have joined forces, launching an initial offer for customers in New South Wales to receive special charging rates at bp pulse rapid and ultra-fast chargers when they sign up for AGL’s new EV home energy plan. 

As an integrated energy company, bp is turning its strategy into action through initiatives such as rolling out its network of 600 bp pulse EV charge points across Australia by 2025.


Frédéric Baudry, president, bp Australia and SVP Mobility Convenience, & Midstream, Asia Pacific said: “The rollout by bp pulse of fast, reliable chargers at convenient locations across Australia is a prime example of bp’s global commitment to provide customers and partners with the energy and mobility they want, where they want it. 


“We are all taking part in the journey towards decarbonisation, and it’s through projects like this with AGL that we hope to encourage uptake and break down the barriers for people considering an EV.”



Sujay Sharma, VP bp pulse, Asia-Pacific said: “We’re putting the customer at the heart of our strategy; installing a fast and convenient EV charging network in key metropolitan and regional locations across Australia, and now, through this agreement, eligible AGL customers can take advantage of special rates to charge with bp pulse in New South Wales.” 


bp and AGL plan to continue developing on-the-go charging, energy, and mobility offers for customers. 

AGL Chief Customer Officer Jo Egan said the bp partnership aligns with AGL’s focus on supporting the electrification of the way customers live, work and move and AGL will collaborate with bp to create other compelling offers for customers. 



Ms Egan said: “The partnership aligns with AGL’s focus on supporting the electrification of transportation in Australia, enabling the shift to an electric vehicle to be easy for our customers. We are looking to build a seamless charging experience for electric vehicle drivers to ensure charging is simple, accessible, and affordable – whether that is at home or on-the-go.” 

“The partnership recognises the pivotal role we play in shaping Australia’s future. As we transition to a low-carbon future, this strategic partnership will empower our customers with innovative, sustainable and cost-effective EV charging solutions.” 


In November 2022 bp launched its global electrification brand, bp pulse, in Australia. bp’s ambition is to build Australia’s most convenient fast-charging EV network and customer experience, through the installation of around 600 charge points nationally. 

Further information

bp Press Office – Australia

Email: bppressanz@bp.com




Editor’s notes

  • The initial offer for New South Wales customers will be available in the coming months. 
  • Visit bp’s website to find out more about bp pulse locations in Australia.



About bp

bp has set an ambition to become a net zero company by 2050 or sooner, and to help the world get to net zero. Our team in Australia is working hard on our low carbon goals via alternative energy solutions, technology and as a gas producer. 


bp has been operating in Australia for more than 100 years and is one of Australia’s leading premium fuel retailers with around 1,400 branded retail fuel sites across the country, of which approximately 350 are company-owned, and more than 1,000 are owned and operated by our independent business partners, 


About AGL

At AGL, we believe energy makes life better and are passionate about powering the way Australians live, work and move. Proudly Australian for more than 185 years, AGL supplies around 4.3 million[1] energy and telecommunications customer services. We’re committed to becoming a leading multi-product retailer, making energy and other essential services simple, fair and transparent. AGL operates Australia’s largest private electricity generation portfolio within the National Electricity Market, comprising coal and gas-fired generation, renewable energy sources such as wind, hydro and solar, batteries and other firming technology, and gas production and storage assets. We are building on our history as one of Australia’s leading private investors in renewable energy to now lead the business of transition to a low emissions, affordable and smart energy future in line with the goals of our Climate Transition Action Plan. We’ll continue to innovate in energy and other essential services to enhance the way Australians live, and to help preserve the world around us for future generations.


For more information visit agl.com.au


[1] Services to customers number is as at 9 February 2023.