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bp gift card

We’re excited to share that we’ve developed a new digital Gift Card which is now available at participating bp service stations.

bp gift cards are the perfect travel companion. A great way to pay for petrol, they're practical and convenient, making them an ideal gift for family and friends. They can also be used at work as a reward or prize

Digital bp Gift Cards can be purchased and redeemed at only participating bp service stations. From Monday 23 May 2022, please find this list of participating sites on our AU Site Finder.
Any physical Gift Card activated before Friday 6 May 2022 will be continued to be honored at all bp service stations.


Bulk & corporate orders

For corporate or bulk orders, apply online, contact the bp customer service centre on 1300 1300 27 or complete the order form and email it to bpprepaycards@bp.com

About bp corporate gift cards

  • bp corporate gift cards are accepted at any bp-branded site with a working EFTPOS terminal.
  • A PIN or signature is not required.
  • bp corporate gift cards come in three standard denominations of $25, $50 or $100.
  • Any denomination upwards of $25 - $1000 may be arranged by calling the bp customer service centre on 1300 1300 27 or complete the order form and email it to bpprepaycards@bp.com.
  • The minimum spend per order of bp corporate gift cards is $500.
  • Cards have an expiry date of 3 years from the last day of the month of order.
  • Cards can be used to purchase all bp goods and services or restricted to fuel only, depending on your requirements.
  • A fee of $1.10 per card (inc. GST) administration fee applies, which is capped at $50 per order.
  • The batch must be activated prior to use by contacting the bp customer service centre.
  • All gift cards within the batch will become active at the same time.
  • bp gift cards are not reloadable (cards cannot be topped up with additional value).
  • bp corporate gift cards are remaining physical until development work has finished to deliver a digital gift card for our bulk & corporate orders, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Email: bpprepaycards@bp.com

Check card balance

To check the balance of your physical card, you can return in-store or alternatively, call our customer support team on 1300 1300 27, Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm (AEST).


To check the balance of your digital card, you can return in-store or alternatively, scan your QR code on your receipt or voucher pdf and visit www.bp.com.au/redeem to see an up to date balance

Contact us

Phone: 1300 1300 27

Email: bpprepaycards@bp.com