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Air bp Sterling card

The Air bp Sterling card is a trading account that offers the modern aircraft operator many convenient features
View of the front of the card
The Air bp carnet card is being replaced by Air bp Sterling card. Both designs are accepted in our network while the replacement cycle occurs.
View of the front of the card

Card features

  • access to a national network of more than 60 refuelling locations.
  • access to Air bp’s 24-hour card-operated self-service dispensers.
  • a network-wide commitment to the highest standards of quality and safety.

How it works

These are our three transaction methods. All transactions are downloaded to a central system which produces invoices that are accessed electronically by customers. Payment will be due according to your account trading terms. 

  1. Swipe your card at an Air bp dispenser which produces a receipt noting the date, card number and volume of fuel dispensed.
  2. Give your card to an Air bp airfield representative who will note the transaction on a hand-held computer and give the pilot a printed receipt.
  3. Give your card to an Air bp airfield representative who will note the transaction on a manual delivery docket and give the pilot a copy.


Apply for an account

  • To apply for an Air bp Sterling card account, complete the Application. For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge desktop browsers.


If you don’t hold an ABN

Non-ABN holders can still access our national Air BP card network by:

  • Opening an account with our distributor, Lowes Air. Contact them via 1300 663 277 or cards@lowespetrol.com.au to apply.
  • Making alternative arrangements directly with your local airfield representative.


Replacement cards

If you are an existing card customer and you need to order a replacement card or change your aircraft details please complete this online form.

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