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Bulk supplies

Discover our commercial fuels customer offer

Supply capability & security

We understand continuity of fuel supply is essential to keeping your business running.


Our supply strength lies in a comprehensive portfolio of supply access points via our refineries and terminals, and our trading expertise both locally and internationally. This ensures that we maintain supply to our commercial customers.


Safe operations

Safety is at the core of everything that we do. Put simply, our goals are ‘no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment’. Bulk fuel customers can be assured that we will continually work to deliver outstanding safety performance both on site and on the road.


Logistics solutions

The commercial fuels team is supported by the logistics team which consists of logistics and supply chain management experts who are committed to adding value to our customers. The logistics team’s role is to manage the entire fuel delivery process on your behalf so that you can focus on your core business. We are confident our tools and processes are the best in the industry and we will use these to deliver supply integrity, best value in terms of total cost of ownership, risk management and innovation.


Fuel quality

We strongly believe that product quality assurance is a key component of supply security, ensuring the quality of product does not cause disruptions to supply. All our fuels supplied through bulk deliveries and purchases from BP-branded service stations meet Australian fuel quality regulations.


A stringent assurance processes is applied to fuel that is produced in our refineries, purchased from a domestic supplier or imported. These fuel quality control procedures are in place to ensure that product quality remains at the forefront of our activities.


Our product assurance processes is something we believe in and we back it up with a fuels guarantee for our commercial customers.


Customer support

We are committed to customer service and providing a personalised service that assists our customers to operate effectively. Commercial customers have access to a large account support team to ensure strategic and operational efficiencies and success.


Information technology capability

Our commercial fuels team can work closely with customers to tailor procedures that will enable seamless and efficient ordering, invoicing, payment and reporting processes, drawing on our strong information technology capability.


Technical fuel support

To enable commercial customers to unlock value associated with efficiency initiatives and continuous improvement, we believe that technical support is critical. Our customers will have access to a pool of resources such as engineering expertise, global fuels technology support and access to subject matter experts.

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