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On-site refuelling

We offer an on-site refuelling service that comes to you and delivers fuel directly into your equipment
Tanker driver, Peter Callick, watching the truck load product at the gantry at Whinstanes Terminal in Queensland, Australia.

On-site refuelling eliminates the need to store bulk fuel and the hassle of refuelling vehicles and machinery yourself.


Simplification & efficiency

On-site refuelling reduces the need for a tank by having fuel delivered reliably and directly to your equipment, creating efficiency for your business.


Prompt delivery

We understand the costs associated with downtime when equipment is waiting to be refuelled. You can rely on us to deliver your fuel promptly.


Increased productivity

Your equipment can be refuelled after hours or when it's not being used, eliminating downtime and increasing productivity.


Products & delivery

We deliver a range of fuels via a fleet vehicles that includes small fuel delivery units to large tankers.

Contact us

Contact us on 1300 130 899 to find out more about our distributors and transport options.