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Unleaded 91 with 10% ethanol

Our Unleaded 91 with up to 10% renewable ethanol is a quality fuel, just like all our fuels, and is backed by our fuels guarantee

bp Unleaded 91 with up to 10% renewable ethanol (‘E10’) is a blend of our Regular Unleaded 91 and between 9% and 10% ethanol. Blending the ethanol at this ratio increases the RON from 91 to 94. 

Australian fuel quality standards allow up to 10% by volume of ethanol in unleaded petrol, and the NSW and Queensland Governments are currently mandating greater use of biofuels as alternatives to petrol and diesel. Ethanol is an alcohol that is considered a renewable fuel when produced from agricultural sources such as fermented sugar cane and grains. Ethanol-blended fuels can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on a lifecycle basis compared to conventional petrol.

The majority of modern cars running on unleaded petrol today – most petrol vehicles built after 2000 and some built before – can use E10 without any modification. If your car is E10 compatible you can choose bp Unleaded 91 with up to 10% renewable ethanol when you fill up at a station offering this grade. If you're unsure whether your vehicle can use E10, we recommend you contact your vehicle manufacturer or dealer or consult the owner’s manual or the NSW Government’s online compatibility checker: https://www.nsw.gov.au/topics/e10-fuel/compatibility-check.

At bp service stations offering this product, it's sold as bp Unleaded 91 with up to 10 per cent renewable ethanol, and usually replaces our Regular Unleaded 91 grade. If your petrol vehicle cannot use E10 or if you are in any doubt and there is no Regular Unleaded 91 available, you should choose Premium Unleaded 95 or bp Ultimate Unleaded.


Commercial fuel customers

The commercial fuels team can arrange bulk supply of bp Unleaded 91 with up to 10% renewable ethanol.

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