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Premium Unleaded 95

Premium Unleaded 95 is a special blend of petrol designed to help cars with a higher octane requirement perform as they should

Many imported cars, and particularly those equipped with turbochargers, are typically designed to run on higher octane fuel and have sensors to retard ignition when using regular 91 petrol. This helps them run safely on lower octane petrol, but it can adversely affect their power and fuel economy. 

That’s where our Premium Unleaded 95 comes in. It can help cars with a higher octane requirement run more efficiently* and perform as the manufacturer intended.


Plus, it’s seasonally blended to help cars start easily all year round.

For top performance, why not try bp Ultimate Unleaded, our best ever dirt-busting petrol with a minimum octane number of 98? Find out more


*Compared to 91 petrol. Actual benefits may not be attainable for all vehicles and may vary due to vehicle type, vehicle condition, driving style, driving conditions and other factors.

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