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Terminal gate pricing

Terminal gate pricing

Terminal gate prices by state

These terminal gate prices (TGP) are current and displayed in Australian cents per litre with GST included.


Fuels are sold at temperature-corrected volumes as legislated by the federal government.


Determining terminal gate prices

The terminal gate price is the price at which we sell full tanker loads of fuel to wholesale customers from our seaboard terminals on a spot basis. The minimum amount that can be purchased is 35,000 litres.


Terminal gate prices don't include added services such as business support, freight, branding or wages for staff employed at the service station.


By comparing retail prices with terminal gate prices, you can judge whether you think a service station is charging a fair mark-up.


Terminal gate prices are determined by:

  • the amount the terminal has paid to buy the fuel from a refinery. This is based on the price of the refined product as set on the international market. It varies according to supply and demand in the Asian region.
  • the margin needed to cover the costs and profit requirements of the terminal operator.
  • taxes, including: federal excise and 10 per cent Goods and Services Tax.


Fuels available for purchase

Depending on the state, customers can purchase:

  • diesel
  • unleaded petrol (ULP)
  • premium unleaded petrol (PULP)
  • e10


State regulations

Terminal Gate Pricing is regulated by national and state legislation.


For customers there are few practical differences between the regulated and deregulated systems. For further information contact us on 1300 130 027.

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