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Terminal gate purchases

Find out how to buy fuel at terminal gate prices
Tanker driver, Peter Callick, watching the truck load product at the gantry at Whinstanes Terminal in Queensland, Australia.

To buy at terminal gate prices you must buy at least 35,000 litres of fuel, unless otherwise required by legislation. You must not be covered by an existing contract with us.


You can also become a term customer.



To buy fuel at terminal gate prices you’ll need to register with us by calling 1300 1300 27.


Registration allows us to conduct basic business process checks and to set up your account. It may take up to five working days before you’ll be able to pick up your fuel.


It costs $200 to register.


Ordering and prices

To order fuel, email AUcustcare@bp.com and let them know:

  • your details, including name and phone number
  • which terminal you’ll be picking up fuel from
  • how much fuel you want to buy
  • your tanker details
  • your loading requirements


We’ll call you to verify your order.


Orders can only be between 9.00 am and 4.00 pm AEST, Monday to Friday. They must be made on the working day before you want to pick up the fuel.


The price of fuel on the pick-up day must be published on our website before an order can be made. You’ll be charged the price that applies on the day of the pick up.


For example, if you want to pick up your fuel on a Tuesday you must wait until Tuesday's price is posted on our website. If  Tuesday's price isn’t posted until 2.00 pm on Monday orders can’t be placed until after that time.


When you place your order, our staff will tell you the total cost. This price will take precedence if, for example, there is an error on the website.


Prices include the Goods and Services Tax and are for full tanker loads (35,000 litres) of fuel, unless required otherwise by legislation. Prices don’t include delivery, insurance or other government charges.


Right to refuse supply

Our right to refuse supply is governed by national and state legislation.


Paying for and picking up fuel

Except where legislation allows alternative forms of payment, payments must be cleared into our bank account the day before you pick up your fuel.


Orders are ready for pick up the working day after the order was made. Pick ups can only take place between 9.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday.


To pick up fuel from our terminals, we require drivers and their vehicles to meet our health, safety and environmental standards.


Health, safety and environmental standards

All drivers and tankers entering our terminals must comply with federal, state and local laws about the transport of dangerous goods.


Driver requirements

On arrival at a terminal, the driver must show:


  • evidence of emergency response capabilities
  • liability insurance coverage
  • a current heavy goods vehicle licence
  • a current dangerous goods licence


Drivers must also have an accredited driver passport that has been endorsed for the terminal you are purchasing from. New accreditation is needed for each terminal visited. Our staff can help you obtain this.


Terminal safety induction

New drivers must participate in a terminal safety induction, which must be arranged with our terminal staff before the first pick up of fuel. At this time you’ll need to ensure your equipment and personnel are registered on the local terminal system.


We will also make arrangements to supervise loading until we are satisfied your driver is capable of loading safely unsupervised.


Tanker requirements

Road tankers must have an accredited Pass-2-Load. This pass is valid for six months. Our terminal staff can help you find an inspector.


All tankers must have bottom loading tanks, vapour recovery and overfill protection.

Contact us

For an immediate response, please call us on 1300 130 027 for all enquiries, complaints or compliments.


If you've got a non-urgent question you can email us at AUcustcare@bp.com