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Own a BP service station

Find out how to own a BP-branded service station

Becoming part of the BP network is about more than just signing a basic supply agreement.


Being part of the network means you enjoy:

  • alignment with a strong global brand which is recognised for its commitment to excellent financial, social and environmental performance
  • a reliable supply of quality products supported by the BP fuels guarantee. Where available, you’ll also have access to BP’s lubricant range and the Castrol range of products.
  • a personal relationship with your local BP representative and opportunities for one-on-one consultations
  • access to a well-established national fuel card offer
  • access to BP’s national buying group offer
  • a BP-supplied EFTPOS system
  • the support of BP’s marketing campaigns


To become a BP service station owner, you must own your own site, be in the process of buying a site or own your own land and be interested in developing it into a site.

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