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Service station safety

Your safety when visiting our service stations is important to us


Always walk with young children to a service station’s bathroom or shop. The forecourt can be busy, just like a road.


It's against the law for children under 15 to operate petrol pumps, even under adult supervision.



Turn off your engine before filling up. If you leave your engine running, electrical leaks from old spark plug leads or other electrical wires can cause a spark. Such sparks can be hazardous, especially if you are filling up with petrol at the time.


Mobile phones

Don’t use your mobile phone. If you drop your mobile phone, a spark can be produced when the batteries are knocked loose. This could be hazardous because of the flammable vapours produced by petrol products. If you need to make a call most service stations have a public pay phone.



Many riders prefer to keep their bike upright rather than propped on the side stand while filling the tank so that they can squeeze in that little bit extra. It's safer to allow some space in the tank so that if the temperature increases the fuel can expand without overflowing.


Get off your motorbike when refuelling. Keeping your motorbike steady is crucial when refuelling. This is because the risk of splashing fuel on yourself and your motorbike is higher if the bike moves.


Because the fuel tank is so close to the engine the risk of ignition is higher. Ignition could happen if you're distracted and inadvertently pull the nozzle out of the tank before the trigger is released.


Petrol spills

If you spill fuel while filling your vehicle's petrol tank or a container:

  • inform the console operator immediately
  • don't start your engine until the spill has been cleaned up and the console operator has given you the all clear
  • don't hose the spill down the drain with water. This is illegal and against our policy and procedures.
  • try to inhale as few fumes as possible. Petrol products produce toxic irritants that can affect you.
  • beware of static electricity. It could ignite clothing and cause severe burns.


Pilot lights

Many boats or caravans have gas-powered fridges. Whenever possible, turn the pilot light off before arriving at the service station.



Petrol is a volatile, highly flammable liquid that gives off vapours. It's important to never smoke, light a match or stub a cigarette out, especially around pumps or fuel containers. You also shouldn't leave cigarettes burning in your car’s ashtray.