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BP Tollbox for EETS

Benefit from the BP Tollbox for EETS with one of the broadest country coverage to settle tolls in and beyond Europe. Save time and money with our flexible plug and play solution combined with our BP + Aral Fuel Card.

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Important information about tolls for humanitarian aid transports to Ukraine

Many European countries have suspended tolls until further notice for humanitarian aid transports to Ukraine. Some of these exemptions are permanent but many are subject to change. 


This information may be useful to you or your drivers, as you plan your next journey. 


To find out if you qualify for exemptions or how to apply, please refer to the link(s) below.* 

*Please be aware, the list of countries is not complete and should only be used as a reference for your convenience. bp cannot take any responsibility for discrepancies or inaccurate information included in the above link(s). 

What is EETS?


Reduce complexity and cut costs with the BP Tollbox for EETS

With the introduction of EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) in 2018, pan-European toll settling with just one On Board Unit (OBU) became possible for the first time.


Let BP become your trusted EETS supplier. Operate your trucks with a single state-of-the-art OBU in combination with your BP + Aral fuel card enabling additional On Road Services, all to make your drivers lives easier.

NEW: EETS Tollbox live in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is the latest country which has become a member of EETS (European Electronic Toll Service). Trucks are now able to travel to 14 different countries with one On Board Unit (OBU).
Easy to use EETS fuel card solution, fleet management support created by the experts

Current countries 

Planned countries

  • Current countries: Austria, Belgium (incl. Liefkenshoek), Bulgaria, Fjordforbindelsen Frederikssund bridge France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway (AutoPass system), Oresund bridge, Polish A4 (Katowice – Krakow SAM only), Portugal, Spain, Storebaelt bridge, Switzerland
  • Planned: Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
Please note: The dates mentioned above strongly depend on local toll chargers.

Your benefits with the BP Tollbox for EETS

  • One OBU usable in 14 countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, bridges in Denmark and Sweden  NOW live in Bulgaria
  • One contract, one invoice, and one OBU reduces administration
  • Automatic toll charging across all EETS countries
  • Plug & play installation and free wireless (over-the-air) updates increase security
  • Save time with telematic solutions – one-click simple upgrade
  • Detailed, real time reporting and OBU-management via online portal
  • Simple fee structure and no contract duration timeNo need to stop at the Swiss, Hungarian or Bulgarian border when entering or leaving the country
  • No need for pre-paid top up for Hungary. Pay what you drive (Post-Pay)
  • No need to purchase the Hungarian OBU

Your business can benefit from

1800+ km

of national roads (including 1,462 km of motorways) in Switzerland

17,800+ km

of cantonal roads in Switzerland

51,000+ km

of municipal roads in Switzerland

3,115 km

of highways and first-class roads in Bulgaria*

6,500+ km

Hungarian toll road network

*Now live in Bulgaria. Please note the following bridges cannot be paid using BP Tollbox for EETS at this time:
New Europe Bridge (also known as Vidin-Calafat Bridge or Danube Bridge 2) and Danube Bridge (also known as Friendship Bridge)
Easy to use EETS fuel card solution, fleet management support created by the experts

Save time and money with BP

Partner with BP for mobility solutions that cover all needs of European fleets. Access a network of quality fuel stations, a complete range of on-road services and other valuable fleet benefits.


Use the BP Tollbox for EETS with your BP + Aral Fuel Card and take advantage of our most complete toll offer ever.


Contact our customer support for advice concerning your fleets' specific toll requirements and the best possible EETS offer for your business. Ask for your BP Tollbox for EETS today.

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