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Toll Payments

Which is the right tolling solution for your fleet?


At bp, we understand that not all fleets have the same needs. That’s why we offer a variety of cost-effective tolling solutions for fleets operating locally or across Europe. Each one is based around an OBU (on board unit) that enables your drivers to pay automatically for tolls in different countries using only one device. Additional peace of mind comes from automatic updates to changing regulations, keeping you compliant now and in the future.

bp Tollbox for EETS

bp Tollbox for EETS

With EETS (European Electronic Toll Service), you can make life easier for yourself and your drivers with simple toll payments across Europe with just one onboard unit (OBU).

  • One device for all countries that already use EETS
  • Automatic updates to keep you compliant with changing regulations
  • One invoice and one report per country
  • No additional hardware needed for you or your drivers
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