Our social groups

GBS Europe wants to create an inclusive workplace that embodies one team and embraces diversity

We hold ourselves accountable to promote inclusiveness of thought, experience and skills by building trust, respect and a ‘speak-up’ culture within the GBS.  We’re also aware of the impact of our business within the communities we operate. 

GBS has a global remit, and to fulfil that we bring together a vibrant mix of professionals around the world. It’s stimulating and exciting to work with colleagues with different backgrounds and perspectives, whether they’re sitting either side of you or on international working groups and virtual teams. 

We bring it to life in how we work and through events, our corporate social responsibility (Team Solaris) and the employee-led business resource groups. We aim to ensure that everyone feels accepted an respected is creating a diverse workforce and a better workplace where everyone is valued for what they can do, and who they are as a person.