Business Resource Groups (BRG)

Our Business Resource Groups are run by volunteer employees, for employees. Their own, specific activities and events are strongly linked to our BP ambition as well as the Diversity & Inclusion plan

If you are interested to get involved you are more than welcome to join any of the groups:
  • BP Working Parents group aims to support you while you balance work and family commitments and navigate the personal and professional challenges that come with having a family
  • BP Pride is supporting the LGBT community, their mission is to create an inclusive and supportive work environment for all employees at GBS Europe
  • BP Accessibility group envisions a GBS Europe that leads by example to foster a workplace that is fully inclusive of people with disabilities and enables them to create value for BP and the community we operate in
  • BP WIN committed to GBS Europe becoming the employer of choice in Hungary by supporting our employees, in creating a culture of gender parity, meritocracy, free from unconscious bias and which promotes respect, diversity and inclusion
  • BP Global Reach is supporting a diverse and global workforce by providing networking opportunities, give practical support and promote inclusion by increasing cultural awareness
  • BP Wisdom & Experience group’s vision is to nurture experience and wisdom to enhance employee loyalty while promoting lifelong personal growth