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Who we are

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Delivering heat, light and mobility solutions

Delivering heat, light and mobility solutions

BP is one of the largest international energy companies in India, both investing in the country and employing around 7,500 people in the oil, gas, lubricants and petrochemicals businesses. 


We deliver heat, light and mobility solutions across the subcontinent. In addition to our gas value chain alliance with Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL), our activities include Castrol lubricants; the licensing of competitive petrochemical technologies; oil and gas trading; IT, procurement and financial services for global operations; staffing and training for our global marine fleet; and the recruitment of skilled Indian employees for our global businesses.


Our businesses align with, and address, the dual challenge of energy access in India: balancing the need to create more energy to fuel economic prosperity while generating fewer emissions and driving the transition to a lower carbon future.




The power of collaboration

BP voluntarily partners on initiatives like the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI), a $ 1bn+ fund for research and technology that brings together many of the world's leading energy industry majors. The focus is on collaborative actions that address climate change, including the reducing of methane emissions and the advancing of carbon capture use and storage, or CCUS. Read more about OGCI.