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bp bulk fuel supply

bp has a proven history of supplying quality bulk fuels to national customers around New Zealand, focussed on a safe and secure supply chain. We are committed to delivering a seamless service for your day to day business


Secure supply is based on our access to refining capacity in Australia and New Zealand, with the support of our globally integrated supply and trading capability, the strength and position of our local infrastructure assets, and our nationwide logistics capability.


In recent years we have invested heavily in our terminal network, providing extra capacity and additional accessibility to our customers. bp logistics operators are committed to providing our customers with reliable delivery solutions. All delivery tankers used by our carriers are used exclusively for fuel products, ensuring the delivery of high quality products and eliminating load contamination.


bp is focussed on maintaining the highest safety standards. Our team is committed to promoting a Safety Culture with our key bp Global Safety Statements driving our policy and procedure; No Accidents, No Harm to people and No Damage to the environment.


For more information on bulk fuel delivery please contact us on 0800 800 027 and ask to speak to one of the Commercial Business Managers.