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Regional bulk distributors

bp’s regional distributor network is shaped around our understanding of exactly what it takes for you to get ahead: Fast, reliable, knowledgeable and personal service, plus high-quality products at your door when you need them

bp distributors are independent companies who partner with bp so you get the best of both worlds. The products and services you receive are backed by a powerful global brand that is committed to high quality, security and integrity of supply to New Zealand.

Our auditing processes ensure the people who work on our behalf are smart, honest, hard-working, and have the best interests of your region and your business at heart

When you choose a bp distributor, you’re not only determining which brand of truck will drop fuel into your tanks; you’re gaining a local business partner who will be by your side to help you address the changing energy needs of your business. This means you can focus your attention on your core business to add value.

Our distribution network runs the length and breadth of New Zealand. Distributors operating near you know and understand the unique circumstances affecting your territory, and your business.


Details on the areas of operation and contact details are below: