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Enjoy Xero hassle with bp Fuelcard


For a lot us, time is precious. Especially for Kiwi businesses and business owners.

The great news is that bp have made easy even easier by integrating your bp Fuelcard with Xero. Now you can spend time on the things that matter. 

How it works

Each time we send you an invoice, a copy of your bp Fuelcard invoice data is fed directly into Xero - making it super simple to keep your account up to date and even easier to get your books done faster. 


Your bp Fuelcard invoice will flow straight into Xero as a draft bill. Once it's been approved and paid, it will appear in Xero which is matched to the bill for easy bank reconciliation. The feed won't cost you a cent and there is no change to how you currently pay your bp Fuelcard invoice.


This service is available to bp Fuelcard customers with access to bp Fuelcard Online login details. If you are invoiced for your bp Fuelcard purchases by another organisation other than bp, we are unable to set up access to bp Fuelcard Online for you.



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect Xero to my bp Fuelcard account?
  1. Log in to bp Fuelcard Online 
  2. Under Update Your Account, click Connect to Xero
  3. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, click Proceed to continue the setup of the integration 
  4. Select how you would like to see your invoice data and then click Save Changes
  5. You will be automatically redirected to Xero, login to your Xero account and click Allow Access to authorise the transfer of data between your bp Fuelcard account and Xero
  6. Once you are taken back to bp Fuelcard online portal, map the chart of account codes to enable the feed
  7. Save Changes
What if I don’t have a bp Fuelcard login?
If you’re an existing customer you can request a login by visiting the bp Fuelcard Online portal. You will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours once the login is created.
What if I don’t have a Xero account?
You must be a Xero subscriber in order to set up the Xero integration. To sign up or get a 30-day free trial, visit Xero.
If I integrate to Xero, will I still get my bp Fuelcard statement via email?
Yes, you will continue to receive your Fuelcard statement via email. Xero integration will simply remove the need for you to manually enter or upload the Fuelcard statement.
When registering it says my Xero email or password is incorrect?
You will need to contact Xero directly to confirm your login information. In order to set up the integration, you will need to have valid Xero login details.
Who should I contact about my bp Fuelcard draft bill in Xero? 
Your draft bill in Xero has the same data as the monthly bp Fuelcard statement you receive. Once the data is successfully transferred to Xero, any questions that relate to the draft bill should be discussed directly with Xero.
How do I turn off Xero integration?
This can be actioned in the bp Fuelcard Online portal under Connect to Xero and selecting Do not feed into Xero. Once this option is selected, your monthly Fuelcard data will no longer feed into Xero. You can easily set up the Xero integration again by following the same process when you initially set up the auto feed.