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bp Gift Card

bp Gift Cards are practical and convenient, making them an ideal gift or prize. They can be used to pay for petrol as well as any other item at a bp store
Hand passing over a BP Gift Card

Card features

  • Does not require a PIN or signature to activate which means there is no paperwork.
  • Comes in a variety of denominations from $20 to $1000.


Important details to keep in mind

  • Cards are only accepted at participating bp service stations.
  • Cards purchased and topped up in store can be paid for by cash or Eftpos. If you’d like to purchase them online visit https://www.giftstation.co.nz/.
  • Cards do not have cash out facility.
  • bp strongly suggests that any cards you purchase be stored in a secure location.
  • If your total purchase exceeds the stored value remaining on the card, the difference can be made up with cash, Eftpos or credit card.
  • Your bp Gift Card will expire after two years from purchase date.
  • Your balance will be displayed on your receipt every time you make a purchase, top up or redemption. You can also check your balance at the link on this page or at https://www.giftstation.co.nz/ if purchased from a retailer other than bp.