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Whenever bp conducts construction, maintenance, demolition, remediation and other similar work that are typical of our industry, there is the potential for risk and harm to people and the environment and for damage to equipment

Control of work

Therefore, an effective control of work process provides a work environment that allows tasks to be completed safely and without unplanned loss of containment with the potential to cause environmental damage or to damage a plant or equipment.


The control of work procedures set out a required approach for bp employees and contractors to manage work risk.

Life Saving Rules for contractors

bp life saving rule

bp has adopted the Life Saving Rules (LSR) developed by the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP), to help our employees and contractors instantly recognise and understand the rules that help keep us safe.


On the page linked below you will find resources to help you understand what the Life Saving Rules are and how you can implement them.  Contractors comprise over half of our global workforce and about two thirds of industry fatalities. This site helps our contracting companies across the globe to access LSR materials developed by bp, alongside IOGP (and other industry organisations’) materials.

HSSE Guide Construction projects (large - projects)

The purpose of this document is to specify the health, safety, security and environment (HSSE) requirements for contractors engaged to perform works for bp under any form of contract for services. It is agreed that this document forms part of any contract between bp and a contractor for work that is to be performed at any BP site or location, or for works under bp’s control.

The safety and wellbeing of workers and customers is our top priority. bp want contractors to make the safety and wellbeing of themselves, co-workers, other workers and our customers their top priority as well.

HSSE Guide small projects & works

The purpose of this procedure is to outline to suppliers to bp retail sites bp’s process for delivering effective management of health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) risks. The requirements stipulated in this procedure form part of the supplier contract with bp in relation to their works at bp company-owned and operated retail sites.
bp-authorised work permit issuing authorities have access to permit to work hard copy books. These authorised electronic files should only be used in accordance with bp’s control of work procedures.