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Flanges, fittings and closures - specifications


This course covers flanges, fittings, and closures used in the construction of pipeline and terminal facilities.

Simulation lab

Lessons include:


General considerations:

  • Material requirements and manufacturing considerations
  • Matching bore of flanges and fittings to the wall thickness of pipe
  • Matching pipe grade and flange or fitting material grade
  • Requiring mill certificates for all flanges and fittings when purchased
  • ANSI/ASME rating of flanges
  • Scraper bars for teesSour service
  • Piggable wyes


Blanks, Blinds, and 'Skillets/Pancakes'


Stopple Fittings:

  • Design
  • Materials

Learn more

Our facility contains multiple arrangements of piping and fittings that allow for practice and demonstration of skills given a predetermined scenario.


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