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Inspection and maintenance - exposed pipe

Inspection and maintenance

Visual inspection and recording of the condition of external, atmospherically exposed pipe and pipeline coatings is critical to maintaining the integrity of pipeline systems. This includes any pipe, regardless of length, fluid carried (liquid or gas), or location (ROW or facility, onshore or offshore) which is exposed to the atmosphere.

Lessons include:


  • Qualifications for pipeline inspection.
  • Documentation and data storage requirements.
  • Inspection considerations for onshore and offshore pipelines, transitions, pipe supports, and terrain.
  • Applicable coating repair techniques.Identification and measurement of general and localized corrosion.
  • Mapping and measurement of pipeline defects.
  • Identification and measurement of dents, cuts, cracks and gouges.
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement.

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Inspection and maintenance

Our facility houses pipe in various levels of deterioration to provide extensive opportunities for practicing pipe inspection activities.


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