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Load rack - operation and maintenance

Load rack

Shipping product by tanker trucks is the most common way to get gasoline to the service stations. Reliability of the truck loading racks and associated systems is critical to controlling costs, and maintaining safe operating conditions.


Terminal Automation Systems or T. A. S. monitors tanks, pumps and loading for various grade of products and additives going to the load rack. They ensure that the final blend meets the customer's specifications as the product is being loaded on to the truck for delivery.


The load rack also includes the vapor recovery systems designed to minimize the release of hydrocarbon vapors during the loading operation.

Lessons include:


  • Load Rack safety, inspection and operation
  • Overfill Protection
  • Additive injection systems
  • Flow control valves
  • Load rack tuning
  • Loading arm and coupler
  • Accuload
  • Terminal Management System
  • Emergency shut down systems

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Load rack

Students have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate proficiency in the inspection and operation of load rack equipment.


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