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Lock out/tag out - procedure training

Lock out tag out

Lock-out/tag-out (LOTO) procedures are applicable when personnel are maintaining, installing, modifying or servicing equipment where there is a potential for the release of hazardous energy (active or stored) which may cause injury.


The release of hazardous energy may be due to the equipment being energized unexpectedly or as a result of the work being performed on the equipment.

Students will learn and demonstrate knowledge of roles and responsibilities as well as LOTO implementation and removal.

Lessons include:


Roles and responsibilities in writing and implementing a LOTO


Developing a LOTO document:

  • Writing
  • Validation
  • Management review and approval


LOTO implementation:

  • Pre-isolation
  • Equipment isolation
  • Equipment deenergization
  • Applying LOTO locks and tags
  • Releasing equipment for work
  • Interim testing

Final reenergization of equipment to service


Cutting and removal of LOTO locks and tags

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