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Pressure relief valves – selection and use


Both liquid and gas pipelines require over pressure protection to operate below their maximum design pressure. Relief devices are one method of providing that protection.


Students address the sizing, selection, installation and documentation of pressure relief devices.

Lessons include:


Basic principles:

  • Pressure relief system functions
  • Relief valve types
  • Rupture disks
  • Documentation


Pressure relief device selection:

  • Piping and equipment requiring pressure-relieving devices
  • Pressure relief device type application
  • Rupture disks
  • Relief valve elastomers
  • Relief valve metallurgy


Sizing basis:

  • Liquid and gas sizing - mainline or facilities
  • Thermal relief valves



  • Relief valve installation requirements
  • Discharge piping installation considerations
  • Isolation valve considerations
  • Relief device tagging considerations