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Quick five quiz

Release date:
March 2021
Quick five quiz March montage
Do you know how many miles NASA’s Perseverance rover had to travel to reach Mars and can you name the world’s oldest airline? If so, then read on to test your aerospace trivia with our quick five quiz!


  1. Aside from a secret trip to London, which Scottish airport is the only place in the UK where Elvis Presley was known to have touched down on his way back to the US from Germany in 1960?
  2. February saw NASA’s Perseverance rover complete its journey to Mars. But how many millions of miles did the rover have to travel to reach the red planet? 
  3. Building on Concorde’s legacy as one of aviation’s greatest breakthroughs, Boom plans to fly its XB-1 supersonic jet for the first time later this year. But in which year did the Concorde enter commercial service?
  4. When did the first flight by an airline using SAF take place?
  5. How many commercial flights have been made using SAF?



See below for answers

1  Glasgow Prestwick. Click here for more information on this location.
2  Nearly 300 million miles (470 million km).
 In 2008 Air bp was involved in fuelling the first SAF flight by an airline. Click here to find out more about SAF. 
5. Around 247,000 commercial flights have been made using SAF around the world. Click here to find out more about Air bp’s work to reduce carbon emissions.