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Our difference

At bp ventures we look beyond a quick financial return from the investments we make. We want to see new technologies deployed into our businesses, and we recognise this takes effort, commitment and specialist skills.
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Points of difference

We see four points of difference between bp ventures and other venture and corporate venture capitalists:


Energy expert

We combine 100 years of experience, with a global network across different energy and mobility value chains, to play an active role in transitioning to a lower carbon future.


Distinctive capabilities

We have the skills and expertise to help scale new energy businesses. Our investments are as much about our technical capability and strategic commercialisation as our financial support.

Longer-term commitment

We are both an investor and end-user of the technology. Our global track record demonstrates mutual interest in making our investments successful.


Nurturing role

We are recognised for our nurturing approach; careful to protect what makes the businesses and the people in whom we invest special and unique.

We are looking for new partnerships, and to work with people who have truly disruptive ideas and a desire to change the way the world uses its resources.