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Our focus

bp ventures helps manage the dual energy challenge by building new energy value chains that will grow our core business, shape future global energy systems and support bp’s transition to a lower carbon future
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bp ventures is focused on key sectors to synchronize our investments with bp’s core, growth and adjacent businesses.​

Digital transformation

We look at technologies which may totally transform the way we work. For example, block chain technology, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. An example is investment in Beyond Limits, an artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing company, is helping us enhance the speed and quality of decision making and manage operational risks.


Bio and low carbon products

An example is our investment in Fulcrum Energy, which is biojet fuel from waste. We have signed a contract with this company to take their biofuel product and own part of the business. We know that the aviation industry is hungry for bio-derived jet fuels – so this complements our business well. We have also just introduced PTAir, a lower carbon petrochemical product.


Advanced mobility

We are looking at factors like electric vehicle penetration, retail footprint and how we partner with manufacturers.




Carbon management

We have worked on carbon usage and storage for a long time and are now looking for specifics around what will make it more cost effective and scalable.



Power and storage

We are investigating the generation of electricity, and how that electricity can be moved around, sold, traded and stored, as well as how we can use natural gas synergistically with renewables, and new technologies like fuel cells.



Intelligent commodities

An example is Xpansiv, developer of a global marketplace intended to facilitate the exchange of energy and environmental commodities. The company's marketplace empowers market participants to value energy, carbon, and water in an information-rich, resource-constrained world by permitting secure and seamless trading of commodities like carbon, renewable energy, water, and gas, enabling clients to perform informed decision-making and commodity differentiation.