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We are focused on connecting and growing new energy businesses that deliver bp’s net zero ambition. Our investments align with bp’s core businesses: production & operations, customers & products, gas & low carbon energy, trading & shipping and innovation & engineering. We also have a dedicated focus on emerging markets, particularly China and India
We have invested over $800m into more than 60 companies that have the potential to transform our company and our sector.
Production & operations
Advanced BioCatalytics The product acts synergistically with surfactants to lower interfacial tension and the micelle concentration leading to increased performance and reduced costs TX, US
Belmont Technologies A cloud based geoscience platform using artificial intelligence (AI) TX, US
Beyond Limits A leading artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing company CA, US
BiSN A versatile plugging solution based on deploying a liquefied metal alloy downhole to plug leaks and control water or gas production England, UK
Blue Ocean Seismic Services Long endurance autonomous underwater vehicles for seismic acquisition while reducing carbon emissions, HSSE risks, survey duration and cost England, UK
Saltworks Technologies Develops, manufactures and operates solutions for desalination, brine management and chemical recovery applications British Columbia, Canada
Satelytics A cloud-based geospatial analytics software suite  OH, US
Silicon Microgravity Innovative gravity and rate gyro sensor primarily for water-flood and flood-front monitoring and control England, UK
Customers & products
FreeWire Developer and manufacturer of mobile energy storage systems designed to transform energy delivery and displace fossil fuel generation CA, US
IoTecha Uses the IoT technology to optimize the charging process by automating payments and delivering cost and potential energy savings to customers NY, US
Lightning Systems Energy recovery schemes for commercial vehicles using hydraulics CO, US
MaaS Global  A provider of digital mobility software, Whim app,  allowing customers to access and connect on a single platform to all available transport options in a city Finland
Parts Tech An online parts and supply platform for the automotive aftermarket industry MA, US
Peloton Technology Truck platooning and autonomous vehicle technology for fuel efficiency in commercial vehicles CA, US
PowerShare A leading integrated hardware and software solutions provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging in China China
RepairPal Consumer facing portal for auto repair CA, US
ryd A leading in-car payments provider, offering a convenient single digital solution for drivers for services such as fuel purchases, electric vehicle (EV) charging and car washing Germany
R&B AI technology in energy management systems designed to predict, control and improve a building’s energy use China
StoreDot Uses proprietary compounds, combined with nano-materials, to develop ultra-fast charging battery applications including mobile devices and electric vehicles  Israel
Zippity Provides on-site car care at a time the most convenient place for them - their work place MA, US
Zubie Connected car predictive maintenance telematics for consumers and small businesses MN, US
Gas & low carbon energy
C – Capture Proprietary technology uses new proprietary solvents to remove carbon dioxide England, UK
Calysta Proprietary gas fermentation technology produces FeedKind® protein, a sustainable feedstock that can be used for fish, livestock and pet nutritional products CA, US
Carbonfree Converts carbon dioxide emissions to solids for long-term storage TX, US
Eavor Developer of closed loop technology for the production of geothermal energy Calgary, Canada
Fulcrum Produces bio diesel from solid municipal waste for use in jet engines CA, US
Heliex Power Screw expander that recovers energy from wet steam or two-phase fluids to generate electricity Scotland, UK
Solidia Technologies Developing next generation building materials that consume, not generate, CO2 in the production process NJ, US
Trading & shipping
Grid Edge  A developer of artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables customers to predict, control and optimise their building’s energy profile England, UK
Voltaware Services Limited Developing electricity sensor and comprehensive AI-based electricity data intelligence platform specialising in energy disaggregation, predictive maintenance of equipment and energy-saving advice England, UK
Xpansiv Platform for seamless digitization of commodities from existing operational data to create “Digital Feedstock”, digital representations of produced units in real-time  CA, US
Innovation & engineering
Oxbotica Developer of a full autonomous software stack for industrial and on highway applications England, UK
New markets
PowerShare A leading integrated hardware and software solutions provider for electric vehicle (EV) charging in China China
R&B AI technology in energy management systems designed to predict, control and improve a building’s energy use China